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One Lucky Gal
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

One Lucky Gal

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

(poetry in progress)

such a great number of years
she has collected, one lucky gal
ninety three of them to be exact,
showering her smile with such
a maze of enthusiastic signatures
so frenziedly delineated through her
face contours one wonders the days
clocked onto her with their hands each day

and her walk, it is so heavy with memories
sweetness, bitterness, joy and sorrow
lthey are weighing down on her muscles

she walks with her face to the ground
her greatest companion till this day
always keeping her supported,
never giving way

her ears, they are a thousand miles away
what a blessing, she thinks, for she longs
more for the days she had lived

and soon her eyes will be too glad to
bide farewell too and choose nights as friends,
everything will be quiet, peaceful and
serene, just what she has been
pining for to close her years

the ninety odd years will weigh away
light as autumn leaves over the fields
in so many shades and in so many dance
sequences to give her one exciting last
farewell from the stage of the world
and on every loved one's heart, a real life
story for each leaf that has flown to lighten
up her years

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