(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Breaking Imfamousy

In a dark room a sinner sins, making her wrists
cry into the bright night. She wants to break free
from this imfamousy, to not be judged for one day.
Yet her mind is confused and her decisions are
off the radar. Tears flow in the usual stream as
if forever staining her face. She screams into the
night, a chill on her breath, so cold. Her hands shaking,
heart way too slow. He climbed in the window,
pleading for her to focus, lifting her chin so their eyes
clicked. Fear in his eyes, deception in hers. She
recovers back to her normal state. He holds her tight
for the rest of the night and tells her that he's always
here, and that whatever made her do this wasn't worth
losing her beautiful smile. He wipes the warm tears
from her eyes. But it's all she can do not to cry and think
that shes never been so wrong. Breaking imfamousy
is like breaking a habit, and she regreted it at the time,
and couldn't tell him that he wasn't the addiction.

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