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One Man Can Change The World
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One Man Can Change The World

Resourcful voices have gone with time.
Full of knowledge, hope and despair.
Understand the language I am speaking.
A martyr's fate.
Gone but, not forgotten.
Beautiful prospects for mankind.
They preached, sang and delivered.
Walked, talked and played with fire.
Your kind, my kind. Our kind.
Inhale and exhale a breath of truth.
For once, just breathe.
John Kennedy.
Martin Luther King Jr.
John Lennon
Each killed by a bullet of one man.
Yes, it is true.
Three great minds.
Each killed by one man.
One Man Can Change The World.

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One man can change the world, one man has to. this was an advertisement on the air before you were born. I'm going back on the comment you left me, and see if I can make any sense of it. thanks