One Man Circus

So I never stopped loving you-not really-only got mad at me for not being able to make that leap of faith to you.
So full of me I can be,
with wires frayed and crossed circuits
you'd think I was a one man three ring circus:
And over here in the first ring we have me swinging the trapeze.
Will my ego catch me as my inhibitions do a triple somersault with such dashing ease?
AHHHHHHHH wait and see. wait and see.
and in the other ring we have
battling three large sabertoothed defenses,
in the circus ring of my crosswired circuits.
He's only One Man,
ladies and Gentlemen,
How can He do it?
Will he make it through it?
But wait, before you catch your breath there's more to it
for here in the center ring,
doing an all out Mister Me original....wait
what's that?
it looks like.....
it can't be....
it is.....
a confession
of al all the things He ever did wrong with perfectly clear intention,
you'll hear him say:
How truly sorry He is.

Get your popcorn, Get your peanuts,
We're under the big top in this 3 ring circus of all His hayjacked circuits.
Will he Hijack His next big attempt at solidarity and remaining intact?
His hair's so unkept.
That face is such a wreck.
He dresses so unhip.

'Oh life under the big top, it's an art, it's a science,
there's a lot of Love and Compliance.....Ani Difranco'

by Dava Makiah

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I really liked this...I might shorten some of the lines but other than that...I think this is an awsome poem. I loved the feeling about it. Good writing!