One Man In A Million

Poem By Tony Bethel

Don't judge me by the color you see,
because you are looking at a human being.
Don't judge me by the features of my face,
because I am a member of the human race.
There is just one race the human race.

Don't ask me if I'm black or white,
I might be either one tonight.
Don't lay any "guilt trips" on me,
I am not responsible for history.
I am a human being, I have a right to be free.

Don't try to erase who I am a because I do not
fit into your plans.
I have a right to be here too, just as much, maybe
more than you.

Don't try to take my life - get one of your own.
Don't rob me of my land and then call it home.
Don't criticize the way I pray - God understands
what I say.
Don't put me down for who I am.
I am a human.
I am a man.

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I am the poet, the one who writes and thinks as well.
The one who contemplates heaven and hell.
The one who seeks the depth of the soul.
The one who lifts man's spirits from their holes.