TB ( / Momence, Illinois)

One Man In A Million

Don't judge me by the color you see,
because you are looking at a human being.
Don't judge me by the features of my face,
because I am a member of the human race.
There is just one race the human race.

Don't ask me if I'm black or white,
I might be either one tonight.
Don't lay any "guilt trips" on me,
I am not responsible for history.
I am a human being, I have a right to be free.

Don't try to erase who I am a because I do not
fit into your plans.
I have a right to be here too, just as much, maybe
more than you.

Don't try to take my life - get one of your own.
Don't rob me of my land and then call it home.
Don't criticize the way I pray - God understands
what I say.
Don't put me down for who I am.
I am a human.
I am a man.

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