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One Mask To The Next
S ( / NYC)

One Mask To The Next

for years I have ben trying to get free from the mask I am trapped behind
I always feared to ask for help
I didn’t ask for it for four years
I finally broke down told someone I thought I could trust
well my trust was missed placed
and now “help” is forced upon me
sure they are unlocking the mask I am trapped behind
but they are forcing me behind a new one
one I feel is even worse
I have been robbed of the only thing I had left
that mask
sure I wanted to break free from it
but want to break free from wearing a mask
I wanted to be me
not another mask
this so called “help” has just made everything worse
they shoved all my faults in my face
told me every mistake have ever made
and now they want me to talk about them
well those are thing I do not want to talk about
to anyone
besides my poems
my poems are my only release
without them I do not believe I would still hold my sanity

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