(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

One Message Sent

If a message to send.
And known to be delivered.
More than a half century ago.
To those given time to understand it.
Even after mounted high on billboards.
Flashing in neon.
And still to be ignored.
There is no reason to believe,
That same message will be understood.
Regardless if placed on jumbo screen.
Where hip hoppers do their thing,
To be seen throughout neighborhoods.
And on cellphones.
With it to enable many to use,
As backgrounds for their posed 'selfies'.
That same message and its importance.
Will still not be comprehended.
Because those who once defended it,
Upon its delivery sent many years ago.
Were not dressed to impress.
Or lived where the demographics,
Had been surveyed by others.
Who also shared similar ideals.
And homes located away from such messages,
That did not for them...
Address their immediate concerns.
And yet,
That very message...
Could have had everyone avoiding,
The mess that it is to appear everywhere.
With many disbelieving,
How and why they could be involved.

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