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One Million Things

I'm a million things
I choose my attitude & personality
I choose who & what I want to be
The world will not lead my way
The world will not tell me what to say
A few people may hate me
But a crowd will love me
Because I'm a million things.

I can be like grass
Rip me out & throw me into the wind.
I will not get mad,
Just flow steady with the wind.
I can be like rocks
Hard to the core.
One person cannot break me
I will stay strong through the ages
Underneath the dust stay stored.
I can be a tree
Stand tall and green
Roots deep in the dirt
Your hate won't cut me down
But only grow and grow
I can be like water
Both clear and blue
You can dry me out
But I'll come back
Pouring down in a storm.
I'm essential to life
And of course every drought.

You can forever hate me
But where I stand will be
Silent throughout the world.
Because I'm a million things
And just for you to see

by luther cascade

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This is a very good poem... it has a romantic ring to it. I like the last two lines especially.