One Mindsetness

With a touch of plagiarism,
And a dash of twistedness believed!
These thieves huddle cuddled up...
With a slick deceitful smoothness,
That can only be called
A tampered 'smugglese'.
Sparked with tidbits is information teased.
Entwined with fantasy...
To remove all doubt.
Any form of perception once conceived.
Dissolving beliefs!
Fracturing concepts...
Into a mixture to please.
There to insure an impurity of minds endure.
To advance insecurites...
With division and fear to leave!
That is the quest of those perfecting...
A stripping of liberties!
To have a 'one mindsetness'...
Focused on nothing else!
And nurturing just an accepted grief!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A nice poem well conceived and beautifully presented! Thanks!