A Cupid And A Man

i always work to pay the loan
you only see me running or on the phone
i work all the time even at dawn
i have my money so I`m not alone
you who live in loneliness
and have no time for cupid
if you keep living like this
then you must be stupid
i eat when i have to and drink
i only wash up when i stink
working all day i cannot blink
i never have fun, but in my thoughts i sink
you know what my fellow?
you actually need a shrink
or an arrow in your blue heart
to change it to pink
you made us sad and moved emotions inus
so, by the power given to me by Venus
i throw the arrow of mercy at your heart
so living life you shall start

by Tareq Jalabi

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Not to be confused with Iron Maiden's 'Two Minutes to Midnight'!