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One Minute Till Midnight
CA (July 28,1958 / Hinesville, Georgia)

One Minute Till Midnight

one minute till midnight
standing in the snow
the wolves begin to howl
the wind begins to blow

tall trees sway in unison
as nightbirds cry in fear
one minute till midnight
one minute and he'll be here

shadows draped in hooded robes
daggers ready for the kill
flickering flames - intensity grows
to them it's such a thrill

silver blades against white bone
arteries severed to free the blood
into the ground life quickly flows
as one more sacrificial flood

voices chant in mumbling tones
calling for their demon lord
far off haunting sounds of old
the ever faithful loyal horde

one minute till midnight
the festivities have begun
but for YOU the party's over
now don't you wish you hadn't come?

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Not to be confused with Iron Maiden's 'Two Minutes to Midnight'!