One Moment More

I’ve alwas adored u as the most b’ful girl,
U’ve been love of ma life & as precious as a pearl..,
How m I gonna live without u anymore,
Please Dnt go, let me hav jz one moment more….! ! !

We’ve spent most b’ful years of our life together,
Evenings spent on the sea shore with the arms held together,
Walking on the endless road & with ur lovely & innocent talks,
Let me remember those wonderful moments & give me jz one moment more…..! ! !

Watching dreams thru ur eyes had alwas been my passion,
Feeling ur pain & agony had truly been my compassion,
How could I ever let you cry my love, even in rare desperation?
Please Dnt leave, let me take all ur pain & let me hav jz one moment more…..! ! !

You left me all alone walking on the same sea shore,
This time I dnt hav ur arms in mine anymore….,
The same old road & the seashore crying out loud in pain,
Let me learn to breathe alone, let me hav jz one moment more again……! ! !

I’ll alwas remember u as a part of my soul,
A part of u will always live in me….,
Deep in my heart I’ll alwas cherish being in love with you,
Love that will never grow old, but before that…;
Let me have just One Moment One …..

Just One Moment to fall in love with you again……………

by Sunny Smilin

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