A True Hero

Fighting for this great land
In a far off place
To fight for the freedom of all
In a war in a country not your own

So many wars
So many lost
Yet we love you all
Even the ones that are gone

Our brave heroes fought
to make us our own country
They fought each other
when slavery was an issue
They even fought
for Texas and The Alamo

World War I
Had to go put things
to rest in Germany
World War II
The need to fight back
May all the souls in Pearl Harbor
Rest In Eternal Peace
Fixed our problems with Japan
and righted things in Germany

Vietnam our saddest war
Why did so many have to die
Vietcong hiding everywhere
making it hard to survive
Now there is a wall
for our fallen brethren there

Fallen and survivors
Several disrespected at first
Now honor given to all
from our saddest war

Korea oh Korea
We tried to keep you united
We did our best
Now we can see you slowly mingle again

Persian Gulf
The first time to fight Iraq
We managed to save what we could
We put the fires out in Kuwait

Now we are in Operation Freedom
and the hunt for Osama binladen and his men
We have lost so many
Yet we keep helping them
The heroes of today
taking after the heroes of yesterday

So this is my tribute
To honor all the heroes
that are and have been in uniform
Thank you
To the true heroes
The United States Military

(Dedicated to the US Airforce, Navy, Marines, Army Vets and current soldiers. We all love and appreciate you.)

by Grace Hays

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A nice poetic imagination, Joana. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
good poem Joana, importance of one moment captured nicely.