TS (7/28/87 / California)

One More

As I walk the road,
that He has set.
I think to myself,
'I have not fulfilled my debt.
I need to show one more
the source of my hope.
Then and only then
will I finish my life's scope.'
I watch others,
filled with passion.
While my own world,
seems to be crashing.
My concious tells me,
'There is one more person,
one more soul,
that continues to worsen.'
I look in the mirror,
wondering who it could be?
Who am I overlooking,
that needs the peace of the Trinity?
I studied my sour face,
wondering who needs to be embraced,
and acknowledge God's grace?
Who is bone dry,
in their spiritual love?
Who is facing this problem,
and can't find the solution thereof?
I beat myself up,
knowing there is one more.
One's spirit,
who doesn't soar.
The more I look at the situation,
the less I remember my foundation,
and so comes more complication.
What can I do to feed this starvation?
God keeps telling me,
there's one more.
One depressed person,
who I still ignore.
The more I think,
the more it becomes clear.
Maybe the person who is deprived,
is looking at me in the mirror?

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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wow that ones powerful and relevant to my own life now. Awesome job and truly enjoyable poem