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One More Day

One more day to walk on a beach,
One more struggle and goal to reach.
One more great story to be told,
One more grandchild to love and hold.

One more morning sun to warm your face,
One more coffee in front of the fireplace.
One more summer breeze to cool the night,
One more sunburst of rays of light.

One more great lover to come into your life,
A lover's passion to never leave your sight.
One more exquisite recipe to cook,
One more cloudy day to curl up with a book.

One more failure to be embarrassed,
But failure is action that becomes success.
Make one more decision to please stay,
Give Life that chance of one more day.

by Mark Anderson

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Hi I liked the sense of hope for a never ending life and how you wanting and needing one more day could very much fullfill your essence in this life by not taking life for granted and wanting to be known and loved by which what life is ment to be and that is to live life to gain the full potential of the unknown and learning to grow, great poem! !