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One More Dream

Mountains of dreams
And Gods
Who make us feel;
Grant us one more dream,
Tell us that love
Is not just some lie
Made up by man,
At his convenience.
Convince us that love
Is freedom
Convince us that it exists
Grant us one more dream;
Make us believe in life.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (3)

I like the line 'Convince us that love Is freedom' 'Convince' brings across an air of uncertainty in your feelings towards love. Shows that you have thoughts and will of your own. Well, that's what I thought anyway. I'll be thinking about this poem for the next couple of days, I'm sure. Lovely.
Right again. I wrote this and 'If you get lost ' the same day in the spring of 1986 while I was in graduate school. I had one published that same year, which I haven't posted yet.
Hoping this is from the past. Excellent nevertheless. H