One More For The Road.

Poem By Tom Higgins

In search of fun
He spent his youth
He found some fun
He was uncouth.
He was quite vain
And loved the self,
Along with the
Products on the spirits shelf.
He liked to drink
More than he could
He drank until
He felt good.
He drank until
He felt so bad
Next morning
He felt so ill, and sad.
He drank so
He could hide away
From the reality
Of another day,
Seeking answers
Never found
With the purchase
Of the next round.
Year on year
It was his way,
He played the drunk
In a life's sad play
About a man
Born to be
Yet unable
To simply see
That life is not
A mere game
That is won only
By achieving fame,
But has a point
He never got
And that is
To strive to
Improve the lot
Of those with whom
You happen to share
Your time on Earth,
And try to care,
More for others
Not just you
You'll find fulfilment
If you do.

Tom Higgins 16/10/2014

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