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One More Tear

We're fragile, we're strong
we're lost, we're inseparable
We're tigers, we're doves
We're merciless and innocent

Like arrows and thorns
The separation comes
Like honey and sweet blood
the memory fond
Like salt on broken hearts
One more tear
One more tear for you
One more tear for me
Our eyes are the same

In all that is
Absolute beauty
Among filth

The evolution
Of we don't know-s
Keeps reclaiming
One more thing
One more thing
Before I reach you
Before you reach me
You're never gone
I'm never gone
You're never here
I'm never there

Join my wrists
In the entangled dance
I keep begging and praying

But one more tear
One more tear
to kiss my lips.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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A beautiful writing of both longing and missing at a time..... loved it