One More Time

Poem By Ronald Chapman

Every night, all I can do is stand here,
Beneath the stars that brighten my hopes,
Through these cloudy times.

Another spring is about to pass,
So much time wasted,
Wishing for wings to fly, to hold your Soul once again.

Been told many times,
I need to forget you,
But I'm still standing here under a dark velvet diamond sky,

Been told, the easiest thing to do,
Is just let go.
It's hard when dreams pull me back every night.

You said once,
Everyone you love leaves you,

But, I'm still standing here,
Looking for you flying among the stars,
Worrying about you,

Praying, I can hold you in my arms,
One more time.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Comments about One More Time

True love is a spiritual experience that affects all and sundry profoundly. Well thought out and wonderfully brought forth. Thanks for sharing.
Beautifully written. It is a gift to have found love like this. The one that will never die. I'm touched by your words sir. Great write.
True love is an undying presence- - - - -Thanks for sharing your wonderful poems.
Great poem, Ronald. Congrats on having it chosen as member poem of the day!
Thirsty for the dear! . Awesome write up.

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