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One More Time One More Time

One more time One more time.
Its the continuous rhyme thats always playing in her mind.
She doesn't understand, shes just so blind.
She doesn't realize the crime so she continues to pick up the dime...
Just to get that lil rush she grabs the credit card and begins to crush.The burning in her nose makes her blush.Her bodies so flushed. Its so amazing she simply cant get enough. She feels like a car getting cable jumped. Shes so incredibly pumped. Shes feeling so up...
Time passes by and the feeling fades. She hates the come down so she slits her wrist with a blade. She walks around in a foggy phase. She feels like shes trapped in a maze. The need for the crystal continuous to stay...
She has no job to support her addiction. No meth would be the biggest affliction. She comes up with a quick solution. She puts herself into prostituion.....
Two months later she goes to see her doc. He sits her down and prepares her for the shock. She looks at him and wonders what went wrong. You see she never thought about her actions and never put a condom on.
Your pregnant the doc flat out says. For the moment she feels so blessed. Its something she never would of guessed. She accepts her fate. She starts to leave but the doc says wait...
He looks her straight in the eyes. Shes not ready for the next surprise. You have something he starts to say.
what? she interrupts. Her head spins and her body sways. Your HIV positive Im sorry to say. Its incurable and will eventually lead to aids.
Emotion travels through her mind like a hurricane. She can barely process the information in her brain. She has to leave the docs office or shell go insane. Only one thing to help her through the pain
In record time shes at her dealers pad. She buys 100 dollars worth of crystal because shes so mad. She sees the bag and becomes so glad but deep down shes so sad
One more time One more time
plays that continuous rhyme. Shes heard it more than 100 times but ignores it and does line after line. She becomes lightheaded and feels lost in her mind. She starts having thoughts of no hope. She already used all of the dope.
One thought that had been on her mind was the idea of dying from suicide. She goes to her closet and pulls out a gun. She tells god shes sorry but shes finally done. She cant bear to bring her baby into this world with aids. So she deceides to kill them both feeling sadness and rage.
She puts the gun to her head and wonders what would of happened if she never used meth instead. She cant believe where this has lead.
F$ck the world she says under her breath as shes holding off her untimely death....
She never once imagined her self dying as a drug addict but now her problem is much bigger
She thinks about her baby with tears in her eyes, takes one last breath and slowly pulls the trigger
Dying not only as a drug addict but as a killer...

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Maya Angelou

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