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One More Tree

One more tree that's cut down for development one less tree for a bird to perch upon
And every tree less in the Woodland means that soon the Woodland will be forever gone
And lost to the future generations where trees once were only houses to be seen
Where beauty was only gray and ugly concrete to cover Mother Nature's face of green.

Habitat destruction lead to wildlife extinction and extinction is forever as they say
Since the sad demise of the Moa and the Dodo so many creatures have gone the same way
The Thylacines not sighted for decades in Tasmania protection for them came that bit too late
So many species around the World endangered than extinction there is no worse a fate.

Have humans the right to threaten wildlife with extinction by cutting the trees that shelter them away
Around the World more wild creatures are endangered and more creatures become extinct every day
This Planet we live on we are meant to share with our bird and animal neighbours but we are driven by selfishness and greed
And one more tree that is cut out of the woodland nearer to extinction for one more species lead.

One more big tree the chainsaw man brings an end to one less tree for a bird on which to nest
And us humans for to make all wildlife extinct we surely have been trying our very best
The great forests before the chainsaws dwindling and extinction is forever as they say
And for our assaults on our natural environment the price for us all may be too much to pay

by Francis Duggan

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