AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

One More Try

I am packing my things
And forcing away the tears
Trying not to think about the pain this brings
Realizing hidden in all of this are my greatest fears
I wont look into your eyes
Doing so might just make me stay
But I know there are no more lies
And there is nothing left to say
I sense you looking at me
and I can feel your pain
I wonder just how much you can see
Then remember that your reasons for lovinh me are all in vain
The truth is that I have always loved you
And nothing will ever stop that
But there is nothing left for us to do
Or change where we are now at
As I start to walk out the door
I turn and ask 'how could yo do this to me? '
And before my heart crashes to the floor
I tell you that in your arms was the only place I had wanted to be
When the door is closing I hear you cry
And my heart continues to break
Then all I can think is 'One more try.'
Because leaving you would be my biggest mistake.

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