One More Try

How can I take back the tears I made you cry?
I'm sorry for every hurtful word, for every single lie
I know I did you wrong, that I won't deny
So here I am asking you for one more try

I always thought that I could get over you
but now I know that's impossible to do
guild overwhelms me for all that I put you through
regret consumes me for loosing you

How was I such a fool not to see?
that through it all you kept on loving me
the man you needed I couldn't be
when you had enough you set yourself free

I am tormented by this feeling of loneliness
all that i have now are memories and emptiness
i failed at giving you love and happiness
and for that I beg for your forgiveness

Things are just not the same anymore
ever since the day you walked out the door
I promise not to do the things I did before
So I'm asking please, give me a chance once more

by Paul Adolphus

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A bit sadden, yet profound... in a way where I can feel all your emotions through every lines I read, as you acknowledged your mistakes and asked for forgivness. You deserve a second chance! Nicely written, I enjoyed this wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing...