One Morning



One morning I met her, and zap I was blind.
went into her vineyard, and drank from the fruit of her vine,
the wine that she gave me, was as rich as could be,
filled me with her nectar, so sweet don't you see,
we went down a road, not traveled before,
but we will travel again, because we want more,
the dark clouds high in the sky up above,
all disappeared, from the time of our love,
frowns that had been there so long before,
all turned to smiles, now there is no lock on her door,
trusting and open, is the only way,
for two people in love, to get along everyday,
a little touch here and a smile over there,
a small embrace as you pass my chair,
now the moon is shining with its bright light,
so we go for a walk on that special night,
hip too hip, and hand in hand,
we walk across the moonlit land,
down by the river, we sit for a while,
it was there that I first kissed her in style,
her eyes were closed, she smiled with glee,
she smiled with her heart as plain as can be,
the night birds were calling, the owls gave a screech,
and I was falling for my sweet alberta peach,
the sun was just rising when I took her home,
I hated to leave her, and go on alone,
but I had something that had to be done,
to find a preacher, to make the two of us one,
now we are together for a lifetime you see,
because of the nectar that peach gave to me.

written by Harry Bryant
12/30/04 7: 59: 02 PM �
all rights reserved

By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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