Our Fragrant Roses (Written With Cathy Hodgson)

Our Fragrant Roses
Some roses don't grow on bushes,
But grow within our heart
Those are ones most fragrant

To cherish and never part
Please God; nourish with your loving touch
Softly let them flourish
The ones we love so much

Each morning when it’s thirsty
Kiss it with morning dew
Ensure just like honey
To mend a heart that blue

As the sun arises
In the afternoon
Kiss each bud with sunlight rays
To assure an evening bloom

Ensure our fragrant roses never wither
As each day passes through
Feed them when they are thirsty
And nourish them with loving touches

When the cool breezes blow
Make sure they feel the warmth
Of love that grows and grows so in the evening
When the moon rises they forever glow.

© David Harris and Cathy Hodgson

by David Harris

Comments (4)

Yes, hope is the traveling companion of many positive emotions or characteristics.
very nice reflections on hope. it is almost biblical. thank you very much. tony
was looking for a poem for a friend who is critically ill, it really touched a chord,
that was lovely and it tell people what you fell it can have improvement like every one can.keep it up.kelly