Stolen Cosmos

I was walking down the mud floors of Bengal,
Staring up,
up at the mysterious cosmos,
whose secrets lie buried deep behind
farther away, far more
than the explorers of science could imagine.

Waited we for thousands of years
for the search of the answers
which concerned only for those which were light years away

Exasperated we considered simpler assumptions
which turned out not to simple
the solutions of the green planet

Puzzled we did not stop
a very large number of creator was created
yet the solution was never nearer

Messed we moved away
from the question that was asked
instead came others trivial

And now
The cosmos is stolen
from our peaceful curious stares.

by Nikhil Explorer

Comments (4)

Yes, hope is the traveling companion of many positive emotions or characteristics.
very nice reflections on hope. it is almost biblical. thank you very much. tony
was looking for a poem for a friend who is critically ill, it really touched a chord,
that was lovely and it tell people what you fell it can have improvement like every one can.keep it up.kelly