BD (Feb.19,1987 / Long Island New York)

One Nation

One great nation
Living in abomination
We call this great country freed

Yet people bleed for this nation
We cant even go on to believe how many
Fought and died for our Freedom

Families cry for their fallen loves
They sit back helplessly as
The casket goes deep into the ground

Around the world our soilders
Spread around like some mutiny
We all watch behind enemy lines
From our power lines

Faces of the brave young men
That saved freedom for many others
Fought for what they stood up to believe

WE sleep in peace at night
When they are laying their lifes on the line
One nation

Dedicated my brother who is fighting in this war:


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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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I feel your frustration. My husband served in Iraq during 'Desert Storm'. That was very different from what the men over there now are dealing with...I'll pray for your brother. Take care, Sincerely, Mary