(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

One Night

One night,
I saw the force,
Moving steadily through the
thick infested mass of dark water;
An ocean plagued by lust and greed.

Within the ocean’s core
Lay the domain of the sinister whore
The anarchistic ulcer,
For pus it seep in this deep.

But scenting it with seductive desire
The cunning defector is luring it’s
Blinded slaves to fatal fire.

The apple eaten by beings of water,
To become wise.
They only managed the slaughter;
To organize own demise.

The dark fish use their sensibility:
They only realitise them into dark’s easy reality.

But when the Sun dawns over the ocean…
The force succeed…
The rocks appear in blaze of the Stone.
For rocks plentiful,
Sapphire’s only some.

Stones’ judgement the mighty light
Rocks reflect, to shine with fire
Rocks be scorched, be damned in fire
Dark waters shall cease,
Emeralds release.
Ecstatic day Sun’s love ablaze!

A thousand day end one night.


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