One Night

One night I was feeling lonely
One night I was feeling blue
That night I logged onto the internet
That night I then met you.

At first we just had a laugh
A bit of a joke or two
I did a bit of teasing
You did some teasing to.

Sometimes you be so gentle
Sometimes you could be cruel
Sometimes you’d drive me mental
With the antics that you would do.

Sometimes you were so loving
Sometimes you were so kind
The more I logged onto the internet
It was you I would always find.

You listened to my problems
You helped me find my way
Sometimes gave an opnion
Or sometimes we would just play.

But sometimes the alarm bells
Would be ringing in my head
It could have been something you done
Or something that you said.

Sometimes I would be thinking
I was only speaking to you
And sometimes it would feel like
Two or three would be talking to.

But I will never know
The answer I can’t find.
For you have disappeared
For you have gone offline

So now I have only
Just one thing left to say.
Thank you for helping me
Through some of my loneliest days.

by ... suzyonelittledev

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