One Night Stand

It’s hard to say good bye
So don’t even try.
Don’t wait in car for long
To watch me enveloped by fog.

Let the memories we have built
Warm our heart without guilt.
It had no future
We knew, so don’t brood

Don’t allow regret to fill you
With disqietitude, for these few
Hours when we made a connection
And made love with abandon,

Sharing dreams till late at night
In the dark with no lights
My head on your shoulder
And you gently stroking my hair

At times we were silent
Only sound was that of our breaths
One arm thrown across your chest
I think we knew how we felt

We both want different things from life
So there is no way we can be man and wife
I hope you don’t take it as rejection and understand
And never look back on this as one night stand.


by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (5)

A very poignant description...I like your positive approach to things, even a one night stand....
no goodbyes needed...mightn't hv future... it's beyond time scale...
I could see you through your poem, one night stand. Kindly visit me to read Cleopatra's Glory, Helen of Troy, A woman forty plus aspires ete as i value so mauch to value me
This is like a slice of a reality scene from a movie directed by Ray! That old saying hold good even today; -' Better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all! ' -RAJ
A small connection a spark of love the pain that swells when longing begins