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One Night Stand

I took her by the hand
As though a soul lost,
Our reputations would be the cost,
We had a one night stand.

She knew me not at all
I was just another admirer in the bar,
Who had seen her from afar,
For her, my needs did call.

She wore a short tight skirt
And a blouse to show off her breasts,
As though welcoming all guests,
She, and not I was the flirt.

We left the bar with a desire
And together we entered my bedroom,
A tomorrow we did both assume,
Us, neither one was a liar.

She was prepared for delight
With her garter and her lace,
When I saw her my heart did race,
I was excited at her sight.

Without saying a word
She complimented me without a thought spoken,
As from a fantasy I had awoken,
She just purred.

My desires were all planned
Hers were as well,
Stories one day to friends we might tell,
We had our one night stand.

Randy L. McClave

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