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One Night Stand
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

One Night Stand

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Getting toasted seemed like a good idea,
Just something to ease the mind.
Forget about everything and push all the hurt aside.

But, then one drink turned into two and before you know it I was more drunk then I even knew.

He grabbed me by the arm and kissed me on the cheek saying hey babe how about you and I go some place nice and cheap.
I laughed at him right then and there and said are you crazy I could not bare,

To hurt my Joseph in such away,
To ripe out his heart and toss it away.
In that moment I knew love & pain and wished with all my might that it would just go away.

He pushed and he probed for me to believe that he could make my nite so pleasurable and sweet.
But little does he know that my hearts not right and no one nite stand will make it better for me.

I turned him away and left the bar,
Sitting on the curb,
I thought real hard.

I could not do that even though I have anger and shame,
I cannot hurt him I can't play that game.
Yes he hurt me, but I need him and I have to trust that he'll want me again.

He has my heart and so much more,
No one nite stand will erase that and more.

I picked myself up and called me a cab,
And went to a friends and cried because I was so sad.
I wanted to call my Joseph,
But I'll give him his peace and try and be here for him when he's ready to say his peace.

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