(August 1969 / USA)

*one Of My Ancient Ones* 'Our Last Goodbye'

One last heart
Is being torn apart
One last dance
We're taking that chance
One last smile
That'll last us awhile
One last touch
Which means ever so much...

One last goodbye
And the tears that I cry
One last pain
As soft as the rain

One last kiss
And it's you who I'll miss
One last embrace
And the look on your face
One last rainbow
As I slowly let go
One last look
Of your face that I took...

This is our last goodbye,
And the tears that I cry.
One last pain
As soft as the rain.

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I enjoyed reading this one :) I must say that I'm not such a big fan of rhyming poems myself, but you got me captured with this one. And since you were so young when you wrote this, i think it's quite impressive. Was it just a write? or was this about someone special in that period of your life? I'm just curious :) Take care, xo Angelique 10/10