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One Of My Best Friends

scented with fumes
with a silent winter breeze
its not what you think
its all for you,
surrounded by dust
one of my best friends
did it for us
crafting and bonding
motivated and able
no friend of timeing
i was late
it was an unavoidable need
but you smiled through the dark
dressed to kill
and an empty seat
my hands were frozen
i could see your breath
the cut of my finger
painted just enough to impress
the night when on
a cool quenched need
everything i wanted for christmas
smiliing in the passengers seat
contact calmed me down
it give away notions
the girl i found
smile of a sunset
eyes of the ocean
her sweet sounding laugh
subtle and heartwarming
i could get use to that
a night wrapped with ribbon and a bow
a helping hand
from more then a wingman
a perfect outcome to show

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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I like it so very much I will enter the twenty characters required to get this to you! WAG