One Of Prudence

Be careful with your words she told me we should think before we do write
Be careful with the words you send in to be posted on a literary site
Be careful with what you do publish her advice comes from better sense
For what does seem right to some people to others may cause some offence
The advice comes from one of prudence one with the experience of time on her side
Loved and respected as a sagess her reputation is known far and wide
Be careful with your words she warned many intolerant people out there
Your ideas on life they may not like of that you ought to feel aware
So many good writers imprisoned or murdered the truth can be hurtful 'tis said
Had they been more careful with their words they may now be living not dead
Be careful with your words she told me some with their lives for their words pay
Some people cannot bear criticism and react in the most violent way
One might say she is one of prudence the years have left her looking gray
One possessed of an abundance of wisdom and I do heed what she has to say.

by Francis Duggan

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