One Of The Forgotten

For years he has lived on the brink of despair
And life to him it has not been at all fair
Homeless as a teenager and often financially down
One of the forgotten of the poor side of the town

Estranged from his parents like them he has been in jail
Just one of the many of the suburb by circumstance of birth condemned to fail
Of the tougher side of life he only has known
He may never own a home of his own

With the worst life has thrown at him he has learned to cope
And he is not one of those who lives without hope
Of far better times in the years ahead
All is not lost in the mind of where hope is not dead

Of the suburb where so few can hope for to win
But to thoughts of failure he refuse to give in
In his early twenties near his life's prime
He feels that success will come his way in time.

by Francis Duggan

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