One Of The Have Nots

One who never looks to the future he only lives from day to day
For him life is such a great battle his hair prematurely gray
On his next birthday he will be forty just a decade beyond his prime
One who cannot talk of the good days for him never an easy time
His only offspring his sixteen years old daughter lives with her step dad and her mum his ex wife
He lives in a basement bedsit alone in his miserable life
He works hard for three days a week in a processing factory for what is quite ordinary pay
The gap between the haves and the have nots growing wider that does seem sad to have to say
With little money for socializing till bedtime he watches t v
He has a few beers at the weekend he never does drink more than three
One of the have nots of the World at the wrong side of the social divide
He pays his way never beg, steal or borrow one might say of him he has pride
To him life is a prolonged battle although to better himself he does try
And that life is not meant to be easy to him surely has to apply.

by Francis Duggan

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