One Of The Homeless

Of great achievements in his life he may never have to tell
One of the homeless youths of Poverty Street in his own Earthly Hell
His mum and dad behind bars serving out prison time
Their addiction to narcotics led them to lives of crime
A homeless youth of sixteen his future not looking bright
From the day that he was born life for him an uphill fight
Without any good mentors or role models with life he struggles for to cope
That things for him will only get better he can only live in hope
Some talk of life choices words are easy for to say
But for one like him the only life ambition is to live for every day
Due to circumstance of birth the odds are stacked against him for him 'tis uphill all of the way
It does seem that circumstance of birth on how we live has a huge part to play
Just one of many homeless teenagers on the poorest side of the town
For one like him 'twould be fair to say 'tis a long climb to renown.

by Francis Duggan

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