One Of The Quiet Men Of The Town

He goes his own way and minds his own business the fellow who does his own thing
One looked on as a sort of a loner his praises few bother to sing
He drinks on his own at the Local he shows no interest in sports or football
But those who know him well say he is a good person and nothing wrong with him at all
His reputation as a good artist over the past few years has grown
And far from the suburb he lives in he is one who is quite well known
Yet he doesn't seek recognition and he doesn't yearn for renown
He lives in his own way does his own thing one of the quiet men of the town
His last art exhibition was a sell out his work though expensive does readily sell
He will never be short of money financially he is doing well
The whisper is out that he is gay though with a man he has never been seen
The judgemental like to reflect on others though their own lives may not be so clean
In his early thirties the artist does not wish for his own fan club
He is one who lives in his own way and he drinks on his own in the pub.

by Francis Duggan

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