One Of The Town's More Enlightened

One of the town's more enlightened middle aged men
But none does say of him a man among men
Though he writes and tells good stories and is creative with his pen
This down to earth person the likeable Ben

With two lovely teenage daughters and a beautiful wife
Ben says he is one who is lucky in life
But to become a full time writer he will not be giving his factory job away
As a hobby writer of short stories he feels happy to stay

Not for Ben group socializing, sports or football
These sort of things does not interest him at all
Now in his mid forties he has been writing short stories for quite a long time
Since his early teens many Seasons before his physical prime

For attention with others he never compete
Ben one of those quite a pleasure to meet
Without any desire to become a great literary name
One who does not have designs on wealth and on fame

One who loves his children and is faithful to his wife
And feels quite happy with his lot in life
One who does not wish to be one of the admired of the town
And he feels no desire for literary renown.

by Francis Duggan

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