One Of The Town's Oldest People

One of the town's oldest people was buried today
Five times a great grandmother at peace she now lay
In her late eighties to a horrible man she was a good wife
For forty four of the unhappiest years of her life
For her partner in life she had chosen the wrong one
He often came home from the pub and beat her and their young son
On the day he died of a heart attack and she was told he was dead
A tear at the news of his sudden passing for him by her not shed
The news of the passing of the man she once loved to her a sense of relief
For a love that had died years ago how could she feel grief
On her eighty ninth year of life in her sleep she died
Her family and friends today wept at her graveside
A good person to a horrible man a long suffering wife
She was one who did not have an easy life.

by Francis Duggan

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