One Of The Unsung Of The Town

A widowed grandmother in her sixties her shoulder length hair silver gray
She devotes many hours every week to good causes without ever asking for pay
A caring one full of compassion she does her good deeds every day
To help people in need of helping she often goes out of her way
One who helps others out of her gift of kindness even a stranger to local renown
She does not desire recognition one of the unsung of the town
The kindness of love in her brown eyes she has such a beautiful face
And she always seems happy and smiling the woman who ages with grace
The Human World for her living in it is surely a much better place
Her kind sad to say are not many such good causes she does embrace
She sows the seeds of her good karma one selfless and free of conceit
A woman i do not see often but i always feel happy to meet
The World is better for her in it and she is a pleasure to know
And it truly can be said of her that she does have the inner glow.

by Francis Duggan

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