One Of The Unsung

To so many who know of him he seems ordinary
But he is kind in his ways and he has empathy
For those doing it tough who are battling the odds
Who are looked upon as of the lesser gods

He is not known to many on his side of the town
And in his words he never puts anyone down
Yet his praises i never hear anyone sing
The quietly spoken fellow who does his own thing

Not a hero to anyone but of him one can say
Of one in need of help he would not look away
And though of the local admired he is at the end of the line
The non hero of many is a hero of mine

He is one i see often though not every day
And for himself he always has little to say
Not into self promotion in any sort of a way
Respect to his sort i only have for to pay

Even in the local newspaper a photograph of him i have yet for to see
One of the unsung is how he seems to be
Kind and unassuming in his ways and one of empathy
And the one ignored by many is a hero to me.

by Francis Duggan

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