AA (9.26.72 -? / new york city)

One Of These Days...

there it is
the twisted little
who dances in my
i think it was
my headache what
woke him

i would just love
to hear about
my eight grade
gym teacher
getting hit by a bus

he was a miserable
who was only a racist
because his wife
hated him

and if jennifer
were to overdose
on booze and pills
on a stranger's couch
i'd probably
drink to that

it seems
the more freedom
i found
the more weight
you gained

i wonder what
my cousin diane
is doing now

she's being eaten
by cannibals

and if i ever run
into tito
i'll probably
put rat poison
in his hamburger

i didn't hate you
because you were gay
i hated you
because you were
a moron

hey marguerita
how's your lovelife?
screw over anyone's
best friend lately?
or have you moved on
to the street corner?

if i ever see you again
i think i just might
piss on your shoes

'one of these days'
i think to myself
'you'll realize
you were more than a
little screwed up'

and of these days
i just might follow

by alexandre arnau

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