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One Of Those Days (Late Again) .
LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

One Of Those Days (Late Again) .

Poem By Liz Munro

My alarm is now broke,
Cancelled train,
The sun smiles at the joke.

Running, racing to get there,
suddenly trip and fall,
reach where i'm going,
Only to get my fingers slamed in the door.

Go to the bathroom and then find out,
nobody told me i was wearing my shirt inside out,
frastration is building like a volcano inside,
and my brain is getting closer to being fried.

Why is it that when you run late,
everything goes wrong?
Great -
turned on the radio -
in time to catch the end of my favourite song.


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Comments (3)

Thanks for your feedbck. I do have to buy a new alarm clock though.
Liz, this is a cool poem. You are right...sometimes things seem to go wrong...but then like sweet seven said it, , at the end of the day...we get to smile about it.
but liz, one of those days makes our life quite exciting and make us smile at the end of the day while reminiscin', right? ..... in short, it adds SPICES! =)