One Opportunity! ! ! ! ! !

I am given the opportunities, if ever,
To choose the best one, i'll be indeed clever,
I'll think, think and think over and over again,
TO DIE FOR ONE DAY, clicks to my mind and brain,
To avail this 'one' opportunity,
I'll have to be strong but panic is the possibility,
What it's like to be dead?
When i'll be in the burial ground but not on my bed,
For that day i'll be curious about,
When i'll be in the graveyard all alone out,
Lying in my sepulchre stuck,
Wishing myself good-luck,
Soon, when i'll be greeted by,
A number of angels saying 'Hi',
They will lead me to a place where,
I'll be treated and looked after with care,
I'll be asked to eat and sleep to my extent,
I would rather obey them otherwise they'ld dent,
Then, on a glooming flying car, i'll be taken to a meeting hall,
Who's entrance would be pretty, but to go inside i'ld have to crawl,
My dead-fellows would certainly be, surprised receiving me,
They'ld be asking each other, IS IT REALLY SHE?
I'ld tell them that NOW, i am here just for a day,
This is the chance to meet u all, this is for what i use to pray,
I'll have loads of fun and let the bubbles blow,
Until iam told it's time to live, so, i must go,
I'll thanks them all for their sweet and warm welcome,
I'll make their minds clear that one day, I'll actually come,
To live here forever, to live for all the time,
Now i must leave, otherwise i may committ a crime,
It was indeed nice to be there,
It was the best opportunity, so, with u i should, i MUST SHARE.

by Farah sherazi

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a journey that ends in keeping your talent just live and write great poetic narrative..descriptive entertaining a thought within a thought.