One Passenger

'All aboard' cried the conductor
Not knowing the danger-
of what lay ahead or behind;
lost in the crowd of nothing and no one
Only lonliness at her side.
Then one little boy
approached the scarlet machine
Roaring and whining and blowing steam.
'May i buy a ticket? ' he asked.
The jovial conductor
just threw back and laughed
'Why sure, All aboard, and come inside.'
Inside she knew it would end like before
but who wouldnt adore
just a bit of attention?
From this...
One passenger, One ticket, and one hopeful smile.
Inside it's toasty,
so warm- so cozy
So here's your false sense of security...
Sign a waiver
(Here, borrow my pen)
Just in case you should never,
ever return again.
But even so he says
'Wow, it's so beautiful
Wow, it's so perfect
I bet nothing...
Could even come close to it.'
'Wow, it's so lovely
Wow, it's so flawless
almost free- almost lawless
I haven't seen anything
Anywhere as beautiful
No i can't say that i have...'
Innocence and ignorance
In perpetual bliss
In awe of something
not worthy at all.
Lost in images
hopes and sweet wishes
Something unable
to be fulfilled or forgotten
By this...
One passenger,
One passenger, One ticket
One passenger, One ticket, and One hopeful smile.
Sitting silent for hours
passing down passing trees wires and flowers.
The sun shining down
lit up his face
a lovely ghost in this lonely place
along with the others...
they never escaped...
(No, they never got away...)
Darkness drowns
and raindrops begin to pound
this little boy, alone,
in this sea of sound.
It started to storm,
it started to thunder
hiding- the boy crouched under
a seat and cried for his father
alone but enlightened
facing life as:
One passenger
One passenger One ticket..
and One hopeful smile.

Screeching sound of metal breaking
Sound of all compassion fading
Full speed ahead until we crash
We're already gone-
There's no looking back.
So tell me...
Tell me you've enjoyed this ride.
Come back-
Babe- just come back to me..
if you're still alive...
Crash and burn in blazing fire
swallowed by our own desire
It's so perfect
So perfectly clear
I was never ever perfect dear
No amount of betting will do-
You will always lose.
I was not lovely
I was not flawless
I am a captive...
Far from lawless.

I'm sorry you saw
more than was there.
I'm sorry you saw
Babe- I'm sorry cared.
One passenger
One ticket
One hopeful smile.

by Elizabeth Jordan Heinbuch

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