Dont Tell Me To Snap Out Of It

Dont tell me to snap out of it

Why must you Tell me this?
The same thing day in day out.
Just snap out of it.
Its easier said than done.
When one has been in such
Emotional pain.
Lost in their fears
Not noing which way to go.

Im so very low
And all you can say is
Just snap out of it
Dont be stupid.

Why must you be so blind?
Its not so easy to do
Just snap out of it.

Open your eyes
Stop being iggnorant.
I cant simpily
Just snap out of it.

Amy Kerswell

by Amy Louise Kerswell

Comments (7)

'Cos Interflora don't do limousines. Duh.
What Mae West might've written if she had time for more than a wise-crack
Heard this recited in a Christmas movie...Sweet, succinct yet quite poetically compendious.
ispelt spelt wrong der da der be da ya gimmie that @#! $
mermaid man and barnacal boy say.............she spelt flower wrong
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