BK (25-08-1986 / Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

One Person Loves U A Lot! !

One person loves U a lot
Don't know, why his Heart is caught?
But what is Love, he has been taught
A reason to live the life, he has got! ! !

He knows U won't Love him,
This brings tears in the eyes of him
U are the only adorable for him
Please, give his happiness back to him! ! !

Though U torn his Heart with a sword
Daily he demands your happiness from God
I don't know why this is so odd? ?
That still from his Heart U are never abroad! ! !

He misses U more than words can say
He remembers U more than a Brain can gain
He revers U more than clouds can rain
He Loves U more than a Heart can pray! ! !

Without U his Heart has been wrack
Without U his Life has been taken aback
His desire is to get that friend back
And spread flowers of happiness on her track! ! !

Today he is lonely without his friend
Has no complaints for the things he can't amend
He wishes a hand of a prince in your hand
Someone who can love U more then this nerd friend! ! !

If someday your mind changes
And your Heart starts beating in higher ranges
Please tell him soon...bcz
He will be waiting for U till his last breath endez! ! !

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