One Rainy Night

One part of droplet is the light
It keeps a poor thought inside,
It makes the water just fall down
To fix the mind by loner thrown.

by Ekaterina Polishchuk Click to read full poem

Comments about One Rainy Night

Dr Tony Brahmin 28 Jun 2017 10:38
I want to watch the Sun inside the heart I want to love someone I want to believe that love is true Faithfullness is simply there in love Silence, peace and warmth of the home. Like very much all these thoughts. there is always a lot of love in your poem Thank you. It is a joy to read your poems. tony
yes, beautiful...let it rain..poor thoughts ;)
Lusekelo Simwela 23 Jun 2012 02:49
Whoa! you are one of those poets who have great imagery, nice writting
Pheko Motaung 05 Apr 2012 01:23
I must thank you.Again and again for this poem and the other classic achievements of yours.Truly you have the gift.
G.R. Gaus 03 Apr 2012 03:32
I like the mood in this one, rather than running away from the rain you have created a possible new start beginning.......
Harindhar Reddy 03 Apr 2012 01:06
Yippee! Pitter, Patter rain drops, pitter-patter rain drops, it is fun to be rain and certainly highlighted the rain in your own style. Just as wind sways the trees in rain your poem is sweeping me on to my feet. A wholesome meaningful composition. I honor thee for writing such a poem on rain. One part of droplet is the light It keeps a poor thought inside, Great work, keep it up!
Wahab Abdul 01 Apr 2012 04:58
''The city looks like spider`s net With tens of crystal cold eyes. It sleeps in silence, piles wise'' pessimistic outlook! but the poem ends with some optimism....that's the point to be counted.....i like the poem very much......
Richi Levis 30 Mar 2012 04:12
Very sincere poem! Beautiful and unique words! You are the unique poet!