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One Religion

There is a one religion I want to follow, humanity
There is a one God I want to worship, love
There is no one bigger than this
I want to be in this Earth
For the sake please shake your mind
For the sake of one God and peace
Please stop preaching/promoting your religion/mine
Is superior - -
Stop preaching it
Spread love and peace whatever from it - -without tagging or branding so call Religion
The true Mighty of God is love for the humanity not for the religion!
Love for everyone in this Earth is our religion and God!

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Beautiful piece on the essence of religion, well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Binod.
Great poem about a monotheistic belief, it's all about what you believe. For we must stand before the judgment seat of Christ for ourselves and be judged for our deeds alone.
But to do this I would have to use my brain. And this we are not encouraged to do. Seriously I would love to have more people think for themselves. Brainwashing is pretty strong but reason is always there niggling. A much needed and excellent dissertation sir
Very profound sentiments. This is a glorious poem.
The true Might God is love for humanity, not for religion. Amen! Well done, Binod Bastola!