One (Revisited)

For three days I sat in the silence of shock,
I walked with no purpose or direction
merely drifitng through the days.
No feeling were filtered.
I sat staring at walls, floors at nothing,
For nothing felt real.
Death is not exclusive but it felt that way.
one second you was with me
the next you was swept away.

And now everywhere I look
there is a reminder of you.
Your hairs cling onto your brush,
Your exhaled smoke clings onto your coat
Your teeth sit on the sink staring back at me.
Your book on the page you had last read,
Everything of yours is here
yet you, my love, my life are not.
Our old bed sleeps just one now.
On summer mornings the sun touches just me.
One cup is used
one fork, knife, one spoon.
One life instead of two.
And it is becuase of this that I am
wishing away days so I can meet back up with you.

by Not Long Left

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